Informative report ex art.13 D.Lgs. 196/2003

Portofino Servizi Turistici S.r.l.
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Dear User,

To login on the site it is not necessary to insert your particulars.

To use the on line service “contacts” and to have access to other extra services, you will have to insert your personal data in specially provided sections of the site.

The inserted data, for the above mentioned use, will be treated with adequate safety measures for current technological standards and respecting the obligations of the New Privacy Code (D.Lgs. n. 196 of 30thbJune 2003).

According to the law above mentioned, the data will be handled with fairness, lawfulness and transparency, and protecting Your discretion and Your rights. The following set of rules is only relative to the site and does not regard other web sites which might be consulted by the user while on-line through the links on the pages of our site.

No data following consultation of web service will be communicated or broadcasted.

According to article 13 of D.Lgs. n.196/2003, therefore, we would like you to read the following information:

1. Portofino Tourist Services S.r.l. keeps and handles Your personal data for reasons connected to their activity as a web agency, to create web sites, virtuals, web marketing consultancy, computer and management of information and computer systems consultancy. Your data could be used for internal personal data list compilation, to keep the accounts, for invoicing, for creditor’s management to fulfil all obligations foreseen by laws in force, for statistic reasons, for statements, and for extra services by You explicitly asked for.

2. In case specific consent is given, the data could also be used to send adverts, newsletters, commercial communications regarding products and services of our company, for invitations to P.R. events organized on our premises or elsewhere, and also for market research.

3. The handling will be carried out manually and also by using electronic devices, observing all necessary precautions to guarantee safety and discretion of information given.

4. Within our Company the data will be able to be used by all employees who are nominated in written form by the person appointed with this task and who are informed about the Law obligations regarding Privacy.

5. The data could be communicated to third parties, only for technical and operational reasons strictly connected to the above mentioned purposes and in particular to the following categories:

a) Institutions, professional people, companies or other structures by us charged with the task of handling data connected to the fulfilling of administrative, accounting, commercial and managing obligations linked to the ordinary carrying out of our economical activity, also to recuperate credits;

b) To public authorities and administrations for purposes connected to the fulfilling of legal obligations;

c) Banks, financial institutions or other bodies for whom these data are necessary to carry out our Company’s activities in relation with the performance of the contractual obligations taken on by us towards You.

6. Both Your giving the data and Your consent may be freely expressed, but Your refusal of acceptance of point 1 of this informative report will mean the impossibility, on our side, to conclude the sale, to supply any services required and to fulfil the law obligations.

7. The responsible for the data handling is Portofino Servizi Turistici s.r.l., with its pro tempore legal representative.

8. At any time you will be able to exercise your rights towards the responsible for the data handling, according to art. 7 of D.Lgs. n. 196/2003, which we are quoting in full for Your convenience.

Art.7-  The right to consult personal data and other rights

1.The person interested has the right to know about the existence or not of personal data regarding him/her, even if they are not registered, and to receive their communication in an understandable form.

2. The person interested has the right to know:

a. the origin of these personal data;

b. the purposes and ways they have been used;

c. the logic used in case of them being used with the aid of electronic equipment;

d. the identity details of the main responsible, of the other people responsible and of the appointed representative according to article 5, comma 2;

e. the bodies or the categories of bodies to whom the personal data can be communicated or who can get to know them as representatives appointed in the territory of the State, as people responsible or in charge.

3. The person interested has the right to obtain:

a. updating, correction or, when he/she wants, integration of data;

b. cancellation, transformation in anonymous form or the blockage of data handled against the law, including those that it is not necessary to keep in relation with the purposes the data were gathered or subsequently handled;

c. the declaration that the operations in letters a) and b) have been made clear, also concerning their contents, to the people to whom the data have been communicated or broadcasted, except for when this task results impossible or it involves the use of clearly excessive means in comparison with the protected right.

4. The person interested has the right to object, entirely or partly:

a. to the handling of personal data regarding him/her for legitimate reasons, as long as they are relevant to the purpose of the handling;

b. to the handling of personal data regarding him/her to send advertising material or to sell directly or to carry out market research or for commercial communication.