Mooring suggestions

Marina di Portofino is located into a little natural inlet which, during summers season, gets very congested with yachts, ferries, and ship tenders.

For this reason we would like to provide some guidelines to facilitate the mooring operations for easier and safer manoeuvring into our Marina.


Before entering the harbour contact Portofino Marina on VHF CH 12 to have the permission. Please, always leave the harbour channel free during other boats berthing operations


Reach the mooring point when traffic is less congested. The most congested time bends are approximately midday and late afternoon when sometimes it is necessary to wait outside the harbour for a few minutes.


We advise that, in case more than one unit will be outside the harbour waiting for its turn to moor, priority and entering order are at our Staff discretion.


We suggest you not to choose the last entering time of the day. In case of more than one unit waiting to enter the harbour at the same time, if operations will delay until the night (no more view without diurnal light), the Harbour Master has the right not to allow the procedure.

We hope that all the above suggestions could make your staying in Portofino more easier, safer and happier.