Summary of the ordinance 138/2015

To all Cruise Lines and Ship Agencies

We are pleased to announce that, the installation of the two buoys, which enables all cruise ships to anchor in Portofino at a closer distance from the coast and clearly mark out the new anchorage area limits, has eventually been completed.

Effective immediately, cruise ships calling Portofino must anchor in the new anchorage area, positioned at 0,3 nm from the coast (as opposed to the previous 0,7 nm).

The new ship position reduces the transit time for tenders to an average of 5 minutes (compared to the 12 minutes of the past seasons), and it translates in:

  • Improved logistics (less waiting time for passengers and improved debark/embark process)
  • cost reduction in fuel for tenders
  • improved safety of the passengers
  • better protection from winds

A new webpage will soon be available to allow the ship command to evaluate the weather conditions as well as the data collected by the sensors installed on the buoys. We will inform all parties concerned as soon as the webpage will be ready.

The installation and operation of the two buoys has been possible thanks to the cooperation among Marina di Portofino, the Municipality of Portofino, the Harbor Master of Santa Margherita and the University of Genoa.

For your reference, please find attached summary of original Harbor Master ordnance as well as the map of the new anchorage area.