Art. 1 – Preliminary Statement

The Marina of Portofino Company, Portofino Servizi Turistici S.r.l., with registered office in Portofino
(from now on called Marine Company) obtained, with the management decree of the 20th of December
2008 rep. n° 1383 of Portofino Town Council, the licence n° 7 to maintain:
– n° 2 stretches of water measuring respectively squared metres 2417,88, coinciding with the 3G Zone of
Utilization Plan of Maritime Areas, and squared metres 2700,00 located in Cannone Bay area;
– n° 7 buoys and a removable floating pontoon destined to cruise tenders;
– public toilets located on Dock Umberto I°;
– electrical motorized revolving crane, property of the State, and annexed stair approaching the sea;
– n° 5 electrical cables laid underground and n° 10 plugs;
– n° 7 electrical columns destined to provide yachts;
– area destined to the gathering of used oils bins, located on Dock Umberto I°.
The Ferry Dock is not included in the above mentioned concession.

Art. 2 – Object of Regulations

The present Regulations set the rules for the management and use of the Marina.

Art. 3 – Regulations Observance

The Regulations apply to anyone who in any way uses moorings, docks, property and infrastructures which are included in the above mentioned maritime state areas or who work within the port area.
Anybody who frequents this landing-place has to abide to the rules included in the Navigation Code approved with R.D. 30/03/1942 N. 327 and in the relative execution Regulations approved with D.P.R. 15/02/1952 n. 328 and subsequent alterations and integrations.
These people must also observe customs, police, hygiene and protection of the environment rules, and any other rule in force.

Art. 4 – Management of the Marina

The management of the landing-place is carried out by a person responsible, with premises within the landing-place itself, helped by staff working for the Marina.
The Maritime Authority attributions regarding safety remaining, the Company must supervise the respect of these Regulations in the landing context.

Art. 5 – Port services

The Company supplies the pleasure boats with the following services:
a) mooring and picking up moorings assistance;
b) cleaning of the port water stretch and of the entrusted docks;
c) ordinary maintenance of equipment, furniture and entrusted goods;
d) VHF service on channel 12;
With the necessary equipment on request the Company can also take care of:
a) drinking water supply;
b) electricity supply;
c) Wi-Fi service and internet point supply;
d) used oil collection;
e) video surveillance.

Art. 6 – Mooring places

The boats will have to moor in the places given to them according to the Marina staff directions.
Each user is responsible for the mooring of his/her boat; the pleasure boats must be perfectly equipped and manned during all the stay in the Port; the crew must be constantly available and ready for departure.
The users are obliged to protect their boats with adequate and sufficient fenders to avoid damage to their own and to other boats.
The mooring places are given to pleasure boats according to a division in categories considering their total length and the time they intend to stay.
The pleasure boats will not be able to occupy water spaces outside the concession limits.
A User who would like to use a certain mooring place must fill in the booking form given by the Company, declaring the exact dimensions of the boat (L.F.T.) for it to be included in a category, and also the expected date of arrival and departure, accepting at the same time these regulations. Subsequently, the Marina will communicate the place number given.
Each user will only be able to use the place given to him/her for the mooring of his/her boat. It is
forbidden to moor in any other place and also to give their place to other boats.
All boats using this landing place must be in perfect working conditions for navigation and safety not to be
dangerous for themselves and for nearby boats.
The Port Management will be able to move the boats in any case according to their complete discretion if
they consider it necessary.

Art. 7 – Mooring allotment

The pleasure boats that intend mooring in the Marina will have to carry out a regular booking using the
proper forms.
The people responsible for the boat have to present themselves at the Company offices with the documents of the boat within an hour of arrival and anyway by 6 p.m. to complete arrival formalities and to obtain the use of the port services asked for, after filling in the form and paying the amounts due.
The Management will take care of registration of the boats.
Stay in the Marina for pleasure boats, as stated in note Prot. N° 1443 of 24/02/07 by Portofino Town Council, regarding the use of “public transit” docks, is: “fixed at a maximum of seven days. After such a period, the boats will have to leave the moorings and they will not be admitted again before three days have passed. In case of necessity and of availability of moorings, stay in the Marina will be allowed for a longer period as an exception to the above mentioned terms; However, if there is a request, the moorings will be freed beginning from the boats which have been there the longest.

Art.8 – Times and movement of the boat

a) The Management will be able to move and shift one or more boats completely as they like. The Captain of the boat will have to give immediate collaboration carrying out the orders set out by the Management.
b) Arrival times:

From November to February, for any type of mooring, arrival before 5 p.m.
c) departure times
Pleasure boat departures, without considering the mooring zone, will have to be carried out by 12.00 a.m. of the set departure day.
N.B.: In case these departure times are not observed and this should cause a lack of availability of the mooring place already booked by another boat arriving, there will be a charge equal to the fee set for the boat that should have been coming in.
d) exits
The pleasure boats staying in the Portofino Marina for more than one night are allowed to go out of the port only once a day respecting the times said at the above mentioned b point of article 8.
e) temporary stays
If places are available, temporary stays are allowed on the dock, for which the relative fee will have to be paid.
f) Stay on the dock
The maximum stay period is 7 days. After this period, the boats must leave and will be able to come back again only after 3 days.
Any requests for special and contingent dispensations regarding arrival and departure times
(points b and c) will have to be communicated in advance, and will have to be accepted by Marina Management.

Art.9 – Maritime traffic

The boats navigating in the port area will have to abide to the dispositions of the Port Security Regulations in force issued by the Maritime Authority, keeping their speed below three knots: in any case their piloting has to be compatible with caution and safety measures to prevent danger situations or damage to third parties and to port equipment.

Art.10 – Port services

No services can be carried out on the pleasure boats by external staff in the areas under concession without authorization of Port Management.

Art.11 – Antipollution and fire precautions

Considering the Portofino village and its harbour water stretch peculiarity, which is inserted in the Park Zone and therefore subject to its obligations, it is forbidden to throw into the sea any polluting substance and in particular the following behaviour is compulsory:
a) in case hydrocarbons or other polluting substances are spilt in the sea, on the docks, on the quays, on the jetties, the person responsible for the boat involved must tell the Management and the Maritime Authority immediately, and put in action all the necessary and allowed precautions straightaway to restrain and limit the damage, taking care of immediately informing the staff of nearby boats and anybody around; in any case the people responsible must immediately compensate the damage caused;
b) in case a fire breaks out, the person responsible for the boat involved will have to do everything possible to use all fire extinguishing devices on board immediately, and also inform the Management and the Maritime Authority at the same time and as quickly as possible;
c) before setting off the engines, the User has to ventilate the engine room;
d) fire extinguishing equipment and electrical installations on board must be kept in perfect working and servicing order;
e) the on board compartments containing liquid gas cylinders must be properly ventilated and when the boat is left unattended these cylinders must be closed;
f) extinguishers on board must be in keeping with the in force regulations, enough in number and in perfect working order;
g) Electrical generators can only be kept on if the power capacity of Marina di Portofino is not enough for the necessities of the yachts moored inside the port and only if they cause low acoustic and fumes emissions. The Marina staff will be able to ask for the generators to be turned off at any moment.

Art.12 – Civil responsibility and fire risks

All pleasure boats that use this landing place must be insured against civil responsibility towards third parties and against fire risks.
The Company is not responsible for any thefts or damage to people or things which should happen within the landing area and on board the pleasure boats or in cars.
Therefore whoever uses the landing must arrange suitable precautions to protect their goods from theft, fire, damage and so on.
For what concerns the Company’s responsibility for damage suffered by the pleasure boats themselves because of bad weather conditions, it is made clear that any complaint against the Company will not be accepted for damage caused by backwash or strong wind.
On landing Management request, the User has to show the insurance policy of their boat.

Art.13 – Prohibitions

As well as law prohibitions of the Port Regulations issued by the Maritime Authority and all cared for by
the Navigation Code, the following is forbidden in all the concession area:
a) to use scuba divers without permission from the Management neither for any jobs nor for occasional situations like to recuperate objects on the sea bottom, ropes in the propeller, etc.;
b) to start engines, generators, etc. before 9.00 a.m. and after 8.00 p.m. unless:
– the boat is about to leave the mooring;
– the power capacity of Marina di Portofino is not enough for the necessities of the yachts moored inside the port.
c) to use acoustic signals unless for safety reasons;
d) to behave in any way that might disturb other people’s peace (loud radio and/or television and/or hi-fi system, other disturbances.)

Art.14 – Sanctions

Any breach of the rules defined in these Regulations which causes damage to third parties, to the boats moored and to things and equipment in general, obliges the person responsible to immediately refund the damage.

Art.15 – Controversies

For any controversy that should arise as a consequence of these Regulations, between the Company and the Users or the Company and any other person, the Place of jurisdiction is Genova.


Every change and/or total cancellation of the reservation must be strictly notified by email no later than 48 hours before  the scheduled arrival, in order to avoid the penalty fee, as per the cancellation policy given below:


– If the reservation, accepted and confirmed, is cancelled in writing with at least or more than 48 hours before 14.00 h on the day of arrival, no fee will be required.

– If the reservation, accepted and confirmed, is cancelled within the 48 hours before 14.00 h on the day of scheduled arrival, you will be charged, through the use of credit or other card, a sum equivalent to 50% of the expected daily rate.

– Finally, if the reservation, accepted and confirmed, is cancelled after 14.00 on the day prior to scheduled arrival, you will be charged the equivalent of the entire daily rate.

Plese note!

The entire length of the stay stated in the reservation and regularly confirmed 48 hours before scheduled arrival will be fully charged regardless of the actual use of the berth, or even in the event of early departure.

In the case of a last minute and regularly confirmed reservation, it will still apply the cancellation charge equal to 100% of the berth itself.